Tips writing about us page

Every return customer represents a person whose trust continues to be held. This is your chance to let them peek behind the curtain and see what your team looks like. List some not all of your biggest awards, company stats and any significant articles written about you in the press--this adds credibility and personality.

Zappos and Google are known for being fun and a little off-the-cuff, and their "about us" sections reinforce this; it speaks volumes about their culture and the way they approach their work and connects them to their millions of customers. The visitor wants to get to know you, not the model posing in front of a too-perfect background.

If you can, quantify those benefits. These social networking sites are essentially a colossal collection of About Me pages.

Just as a magazine or television program is designed with the audience in mind, your About Us page must speak the language of your visitors.

That tale belongs on your About Us page. How do you make their life easier and better. You can see how targeting each of these demographics would require a different approach in writing your copy. As consumers, we like checking out how a company responds on Twitter or how they use Facebook to help us make judgments about what type of business they are.

Make it interesting and informative to convert visitors into customers. Visitors enjoyed hearing the reasons behind the founding of the business. What trust cues do you look for. The owner of a U. Give me the chance to decide if I want to jump on board with you.

Instead, be yourself, almost as though you were talking to the prospect in person. This is a common mistake—so much so, that some companies even neglect to address their customers' problems or include anything like a call to action, because they're so absorbed in their personal narrative.

For the camping goods company I mentioned earlier, a photo of the husband, wife and their little boy hiking was a perfect fit for their About Us page. While appropriate for job hunting, you want something more engaging for your About Us page. Been interviewed on a blog or ezine.

Make it clear why they should come back. Corporate-speak copy is boring. Facts are important but stories get remembered and help you connect with your customers. You can use a template, such as the one below offered by SlideSalador create your own custom presentation.

How to Write an About Page

Finally, another client who owned a fine dining restaurant had a hot air balloon and frequently traveled to balloon rallies to fly. Do you want them to come away feeling inspired and uplifted or perhaps empowered and supported.

We love this example from one of our customers Pawtrero, a family owned, independent pet supply store in San Francisco. And make it clear really quickly. Another client, a manufacturer of plastic containers used to deliver fresh water to people in crisis, was instrumental in rescue efforts in Haiti after the earthquake in Pictures Tell a Story Include your photo and also pictures of your employees if appropriate.

List your relevant achievements and tell your customers exactly why you're the best person for the job. He had to make everything from scratch, which was difficult and time consuming.

Share when the company started, who started it and why. History — Tell the story of your firm, how it was founded and how it has developed over the years. The Internet is teeming with websites selling almost the same goods and services. Those are the five things I look for when evaluating a business or personal About page.

1 major mistake when writing an “About” page blog post regarding making a better about page: 1) Not giving some bad-ass examples/samples. Hey, nice tips above but without a few examples/samples we’re missing a big part.

Whether you don’t like writing about yourself, you’re not sure what goes there or because the whole thing just makes you feel plain awkward, writing the business About Us page is a task that intimidates many small business owners.

You think you know what you want to say, but then you get to that. If you aren't particularly modest, writing your About Us page is really fun, so you go way over the top.

Either way, get over yourself. The end result is too important. Your About Us page is one of the most important pages on your website. It’s also likely to be one of the most frequently visited. So you’d better make it good. Keep the following suggestions in mind: 10 Tips for Writing Your “About Us” Page.

Use facts, not hype. Seek. When writing your website’s “About Us” page, look upon it as an opportunity to build a relationship with prospective customers.

It’s a form of networking. They want to get to know you. Nail Your Company About Us Page: 5 Tips. Marketing Nail Your Company About Us Page: 5 Tips. Create an About Us page that is the customer seeking powerhouse that it should be.

10 Rules For Writing A Compelling ‘About Me’ Page

Here are five things.

Tips writing about us page
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